From the workshop. manufacturing of house/observatory in stainless steel.

From the workshop. manufacturing of stainless tube structure/playground/sculptural objects for Beatrice Hansson.

Making of Ball track. Vårbergstoppens stadspark.

Installation of play equipment / sculptures for Beatrice Hansson. Remiseparken, Copenhagen

Finishing of the sculptures for Beatrice Hansson. Remise Park, Copenhagen.

Manufacturing of the sculptures for Beatrice Hansson. Remise Park, Copenhagen.

Making the “Rosa Supermoln”

Aluminium candel holder for “Secret Santa”

Oil lamp for “Secret Santa”

Fruit stack in aluminum for Hans Isaksson.

Drilling cast iron banana.

Bye-bye. See you in New york!

Making of stainless cculpture for artist Matti Kallioinen.

Making of the sculpture for the sofa for the “Blackout” exhibition.

manufacture of stainless steel bench / sculpture for Beatrice Hansson

Manufacture of the parts for the sculptures at Engelbrektsskolan, Stockholm. The sculpture is made of 1.5 mm perforated stainless steel sheet.

Making of ball-track to “Lurparken” together with Albin Karlsson.
This ball-track is one out of two tracks and is a part of the playground.
The idea behind is to build site-specific objects in the existing environment. The ball track is mainly made of 8mm / diameter stainless steel rods.

Supermoln Before painting

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